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Want to be like the rest of the fun people? Scooters are everywhere you look. They are the perfect transportation and entertainment vehicle and better still; a scooter won’t leave a hole in your wallet. Scooter Guru Australia is an online scooter store serving the Australian motor scooter market with competitive prices and the finest motorized scooters available in Australia. View our range of Razor Scooters and Go-ped.

Scooters are a great way to get out and explore our outback and offer outstanding entertainment lasting hours. Motor scooters are great for getting around at an affordable cost. Some motorized scooters can reach speeds of over 40 km/h and can be ridden for around 25 km. Scooters come in all shape and sizes. Motorized scooters can be electric motor scooters, or gas motor scooters. You can pick up cheap motor scooters from our online scooter store.

Get your kids outside and enjoying recreation with a scooter to keep them busy and offer them hours of fun. Keep them fit with a kick scooter or get them an electric scooter that they can ride. You will also find a couple of scooters to suit your young adventurous toddler. View our range of kids scooters.

Electric Scooters

Looking for a cheap, reliable and quiet scooter for transport or fun? An electric motor scooter can cut hours of transmutes and get you the quickly and quietly. We offer a good range of electric scooters from well known scooter brands that offer high quality and reliability.

Gas Scooters

Want to be able to ride your scooter for hours, ride fast and make noise? Our range of gas powered scooters have powerful engines, are designed for speed and endless hours of fun. Gas scooters generally have much faster top speeds then electric scooters however can be more expensive. Our go-ped brand gas scooters can be customized just how you want with many accessories and parts available. Check out our range of gas scooters and find your next best friend.

Scooter guru is making it easy and safe for Australians to shop online with an easy to use shopping cart and secure payments via Paypal. We also keep the cost of our scooters low by shipping our scooter direct from local manufacturer warehouses within Australia. Scooters will be delivered to your door ASAP via courier. Feel free to leave us comments or suggestions through the contact us feature. Enjoy your shopping experience online with scooter guru.